Welcome to the Metzger Lab!

The Metzger lab is part of the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research in the Department of Radiology at the University of Minnesota. The CMRR was founded in 1988 and has been on the leading edge of developing magnetic resonance imaging technologies to advance biomedical research and clinical applications.  The CMRR is home to a unique array human MRI scanners including three 3Ts, two 7Ts and a whole body 10.5T system. Small bore animal scanners include both a 9.4T and a 16.4T scanners both upgraded to the most recent Bruker platforms. System engineering projects at the CMRR have advanced UHF MRI by introducing the first 7T whole body scanner installed in 1999, the first parallel transmit enabled UHF human scanner in the early 2000s and the installation of a 128 channel receive configuration on the 10.5T scanner. 

The CMRR is a multidisciplinary center with expertise in RF engineering, computer simulation, image reconstruction, acquisition method development and translational study design.  Principle investigators and their groups benefit from collaboration within the CMRR and with faculty and facilities throughout the University of Minnesota including those with the Institute of Engineering and Medicine, the Medical School, and the College of Science and Engineering.  It is through these collaborations that we have achieved a unique and productive environment for impacting multiple fields of research and training new/independent researchers through innovation and translational science.  


10.5 Tesla: World's Highest Field Whole Body MRI Scanner